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      Pam ( KD8KMN ) and Joe ( AJ8MH )
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The Radio Room Site Map - Amateur Radio and More ( )

  The Radio Room of AJ8MH  ( This page. )
A complete and current site map for "The Radio Room" by Joe Hutchens.

  Today - AJ8MH in Marquette
This site includes pictures of the radio room in Marquette, a short
autobiography, and spreadsheets of WAS and DXCC totals.

Current Photographs
A close and detailed look at the operating positions of AJ8MH.
(Yaesu, Hallicrafters, Heathkit, etc.)

  Operations from the Cabin Radio Room
Photographs of the cabin and the AJ8MH "camp" radio room near
Gwinn in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with limited information
about the Navy's abandon Project ELF and our underground alien

  From Marquette in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
An introduction to Marquette with several interesting links to the
area including television, newspaper, weather, mining, ship traffic
and local photography.

  What is Amateur Radio
An introduction to Amateur Radio, the greatest hobby in the World.
Includes links to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC),
American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and local club Internet sites.

  The Beginning 1961 through 1971
The story of how it all started with pictures of the early years as

Broadcast Station QSL Cards
Broadcast and short-wave listening, as WPE8EUM, were an
important part of my early interest in radio.  Site
includes old QSL cards.

  The Early Active Years 1972 through 2007
Yes, the radio was always on at WB5FCO - WJ5MH.

  A Couple Other Projects
From the work bench.  A look at many of my projects.

My Old 1945 Clarion C110 and 1960 Roland 4T4 Radios
The two broadcast radios I had as a youngster.

1941 Echophone EC-1 by Hallicrafters
World War II.  A low cost short-wave receiver.

Early 50's Heathkit AT-1 Transmitter
Novice transmitter from the early years of Heathkit.

1927 Radiola 17 by RCA
Made in the U.S.A. and built to last!

1937 Hallicrafters SX-16 Super Skyrider
Wow, a real radio.

6L6 Transmitter Project Including Power Supply
Every good ham needs one of these.  Diagrams, notes and pictures.

Old (very old) 12J5/12SA7GT Wireless Broadcaster/Phono Oscillator
Play music through your favorite antique Broadcast Band AM radio.

Dual 6SN7 Regen Receiver Project
My project diagrams, notes and pictures from start to finish.


AJ8MH Notebook Series - Surge Protection
A couple spark-plugs and you're in business.

AJ8MH Notebook Series - PDC-1 install in MFJ-993B, MFJ-998, MFJ-949E, MFJ-962D
Adding better peak reading capabilities.

AJ8MH Notebook Series - Horizontal and Vertical Doublets Plus the Inverted-L
My easy antennas. 

AJ8MH Notebook Series - G5RV and ZS6BKW Doublets
EZNEC files and plots of these two antennas with and without an added 30 meter element.

AJ8MH Notebook Series - Linear-Loaded Vertical Doublet (Dipole)
Linear loading?  How did he do that?

AJ8MH Notebook Series - Twin-T (T-Bar) Vertical Doublet (Dipole)
A shot at building a Multi-band Capacitive Loaded Twin-T (T-Bar).

AJ8MH Notebook Series - Homebrew Balanced Tuner Ideas
Photographs of two simple balanced tuners with diagram.

AJ8MH Notebook Series - Mosley TA-33-M-WARC Installation
Photographs and general comments about my TA-33-M-WARC install.


AJ8MH Notebook Series - Yaesu FT-950/FTDX-3000 Notes and Other Tips
~ Mating the Yaesu FT-950, Elecraft KPA-500 Amplifier and the
   MFJ-998 Auto-tuner
~ A Short Description and Fix for the FT-950 Button Lockup Issue
~ Build Your Own FH-2 Remote and Save a Few Dollars
~ TX CW Carrier in all Modes (FTDX-3000 only)
~ A Short Description of the Yaesu FTDX-3000 Transmit Final Amp Failure
~ FTDX-3000 Flashing TFT Display
~ Use of u-Tune Ports on Yaesu Transceivers
~ Using the Audio-Technica ATR-1300 Microphone
~ Electret Headset Adapter
~ Audio to PTT Converter for FLdigi
~ Computer/Radio Interface
~ Modification to the MFJ-993B Auto-Tuner
~ Monoprice 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier
~ Hy-Gain Ham IV Rotator Control Box RFI

  Micro Satellites and More
Some history on early packet (digital) satellites.

  Solar Activity and Propagation
Experimental.  Information gathered from around the Internet
for my personal use and quick viewing.

  My Broadcast Career
Includes notes, pictures and air-check recordings from my
short-lived broadcast career at WDMJ, AFTN, WROA,

  WDMJ AM 1320 and WDMJ FM 95.7 - Marquette
A few photographs and some history of local broadcasting.

  Joe and Pam's Space
The first WEB site we ever created.  We managed to salvage
it from American On Line (AOL) before they stopped hosting WEB

My Father and WW2

  USS LST-522
My Father's WW2 Experiences.

My Father's WW2 Memories
Highlights of LST (Landing Ship Tanks) 522.

Guest Contributor:  Gerald Leslie, BM1/c
LST-522 Facts.

Guest Contributor:  Willard S. Walters and A.L. Mastromauro

Guest Contributors:  Donald Miller, GM1/c and James Leib, S/1c
LST-522 Journal - Europe and The Pacific.

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